Monday, January 23, 2006


Be Lifted Up!

By Ramone - January 16, 2006

"Oh Jesus, be lifted up!"

It's what I wanted to say & do --all I could say & do-- as I thought of my dear friend whose marriage was falling apart.

"Oh Jesus, be lifted up!
Sun of righteousness, rise, arise,
with healing in your wings.
Be lifted up, Jeus.
Draw all men & women unto Yourself.
Be lifted up... shine Your light.
Your self, Shine, Jesus... Shine.
Oh, please shine. Please be lifted up.
In my life, my heart and in the world,
Jesus, be lifted up."

Be lifted up in their lives, Lord. Comfort them and be next to them, draw them closer to You. I don't know what'll happen between them and to them, or if my hopes of reconciliation for them will ever happen. But Jesus, be lifted up in their situation and in their lives. Your shining, Your love, will bring comfort to them and make them smile, make them happy again. Your sun will bring them the deepest healing. My friends, I love you, and I pray that He will hold you tight now and that You know He's with you and never leaves you.


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