Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Light of the World

By Ramone - January 22, 2006

I sketched this first back on January 19th in a little notebook while on break at McDonald's, and I must've been listening to Matt Redman's song, "Light of the World"... I love that song, it's just so joyful and in intimate awe of Jesus, and leads me to talk to Him and praise Him.

Before the sketch, I had just written in my little notebook how lately I was finding Jesus as the place of my rest... "You are where I can flee to, where I can find rest when I'm tempted, when I'm upset or beset. I can escape in you ...I can be myself there. Jesus, thank You so much!"

"Light of the World, You shine upon us!"

Jesus, I love You. This is for all the times You lifted up my head, all the times You shone on me & told me to look at You, count the stars, and see who You are.

And the times spent alone with You. Help me know You are here. You are the place my soul rests. You are my refuge from temptations and divided desires. You are the place I run to. Jesus, I worship You. I love You. I want to love You more, with all I have and all I am. Jesus, I want You to be my everything.


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