Sunday, April 24, 2005


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Light The Tree of Life - the Cross Heart - by Yoko In His Hands

Burst! - into songs of joy! He has redeemed us! Jesus! Love - by Yoko The Champion - He played the perfect game! He's got my respects!

Peace Autumn -- we'll make it through in Him Worship Stars - they praise Him and dance! Repentance - the JOY of repentance!

Gallery notes:

April - May, 2005

This is the first burst of artistic creativity that Yoko and I enjoyed with Jesus! We went out and bought a couple large pads (well, large by Japanese standards). We started with charcoal (which I'm very comfortable with), and I decided quickly that I don't like oil pastels. Then
Gwen Meharg suggested I try soft pastels for color, and "Burst" was the first result. After that, about halfway through, we ventured into watercolors, which I thought I didn't like but as it turns out... I do!


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