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Carrying His Heart

By Ramone - August 11, 2006

Part One of Two

I was emailing with some brother & sisters in Christ on a yahoo group forum, and the topic was the widow who put two coins in the temple treasury. The moderator (Don) put the story up and asked if we had any thoughts or anything from the Lord about the story. Someone commented, and I wrote this afterwards:

Another thing is the way we view what's necessary "to carry forward God's work." The temple treasury was the place that the temple was bankrolled. It was the place where the temple was provided for. Often we take the world's perspective that you need money in order to carry forward His work. But this incident and Jesus' words turns the world's idea completely upside down. It shows not only which God values more, but it also shows which He uses (and is useable to Him) for carrying out His work on earth. He doesn't need money. He does need all of your heart.

In a way it connects to Don's last choice of stories, when Mary anointed Jesus' feet and the disciples (particularly Judas) thought the money could be better spent. No, Jesus said. She did what was in her heart, and like the widow, she gave everything. She gave everything from her heart to Him---and somehow that does a lot more than what the world might "logically" say her perfume money could have done for the poor in Bethany. The voice of the world valued the money and saw it as the greatest way to accomplish good, but Jesus saw Mary & the widow's hearts as their most valuable possessions, and He saw that their hearts could accomplish the greatest good.

Isn't that encouragement for us? We're not limited by our resources, our means, our finances... instead He works in the currency of the heart! And that is how His great flame spreads over the earth! That is how the river of His love is carried! Hey, this is a word for me, too! Thanks, Lord. Thank You so much, Jesus.
I was really surprised what the Lord helped me understand about this, about "the harvest"... about how it's not about how many people or about how much funding we have that determines our "ability". Rather, He's looking for people who will carry His heart!

This led immediately to another picture...

Interesting! I just noticed that way back in March (in this picture) I had prayed:

Extend our hearts and our hands, and send for Your laborers (love-carriers) into this harvest with Your heart, Jesus.

Cool, God!

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