Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Swimming in Theology

"Swimming in Theology"

By Ramone - August 1, 2006

I drew this picture in the wee hours of this morning while trying to go to sleep. My mind had been busy running through a lot of theological things from a few different discussions, and I began to miss the Lord. I don't know if anyone else had or has this problem (but I bet I'm not the only one), but it's easy for me to get lost in that stuff. So I was missing Him, and I began kind of searching or sifting through everything in my mind, looking for Him. I felt like I was swimming! That's when I kind of saw this picture.

There are probably lots of ways to "interpret" the picture, but that's the way it arrived. It means that when we're looking through theology or philosophy, when we're searching & arguing & discussing, truly deep inside what we're looking for is His love for us. Just like how last night I was longing for His love, I think many (maybe most or even all) of us are truly searching for that, because He's made us for His love. The other things in the ocean of theology (pictured here) are sometimes good, sometimes bad. There are real things, real doctrines & beliefs, and then there are controversial ones. But the heart longs for Him, for His love.

Smile! (^_^)

(P.S. This picture is kind of a follow-up to "Swimming in Theology".)


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Awesome! I love it Ramone. This is one of my favorites that you've done.
Ramone, I understand the feelings this picture expresses!
I do like it! Quite a bit!

thanks for this Ramone! this is sooo awesome! =)

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