Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 8

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Swimming in Scripture - it's so BIG! HE is so big! Carried Along - by His breath, by the Spirit of Him who is Love Blessing Tears - Seeing Jesus on the cross was painful for Father, but brought blessings and salvation for us Street Gap - a gap down the street that I've been standing in lately

Creation! - He knows our names from birth! Woohoo! Overwhelmed - for as is Thy majesty, so is Thy mercy, my Lord and my God! Remember - Lord I have heard of Your deeds in the past... renew them in our day, Lord, even here in this land Oil in a Lamp

Sandwiched! - between the Father and the Son, and no one can snatch us out of their hands! Good News - 'fuku-in' in Japanese, 'blessed sound' John - the beloved disciple leaned over on the Lord's breast ...and heard His heart & what was on His heart This is My Body - a special Lord's Supper at Jesus Family Center in Osaka

Gallery notes:

August - September 2006

A continuation of the spurt that ended Gallery #7, most are postcard size. "Color" seems to be making a comeback, don't you think? But wait'll you see the next gallery...


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