Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 9

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Soaking - He will give us rest Friend - I want to be Your friend, God There is No One Like You (Part 2) My Son - God loved the world SO much, so, so much...

Queuing For Bread - Outside the Osaka Evangelistic Tabernacle in Nishinari ward A Pure Flame -- His love, His passion A Fragrance - For we are to God the aroma of Christ... through us He spreads everywhere the fragrance of Christ A Good Reason - God has a good reason for... (by Yoko)

Reaching For God's Heart - Reaching through all the blessings... for God's heart Trinity - The interlocking love of the Trinity between One another Get Up and Follow - put the picture or message down and follow His heart! As in a mirror - We behold the Lord as in a mirror... how clearly do we see?

Gallery notes:

September 2006

Oh, wow! Notice the burst of color in each picture compared to, say, gallery #7! I'm really happy with some of these. About four of them were sketched out several months ago and have been on the backburner, but I finally got to them, and it seems it was in God's timing, because He used some of them to speak to me recently, and I'm grateful for that, God! Thank You! And wow, were all these done in only one month? Thanks, God!


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