Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Joy of Bridge-Burning

By Ramone - August 7, 2008

As I worshiped late one night last October, I saw this picture and sketched it. The song I had been singing ("Heaven" by Reuben Morgan) has the chorus,
"One moment without You near
is heartache I cannot bear
A lifetime with You, O Lord
is heaven I long to know"
As I sang this and began to worship freely, giving Him my heart and life once again, I felt like this. I am here in Japan because of You, Lord. I have no other way but You, Jesus! I've burned my bridges. I have nothing to go back on.

And it's wonderful! Thank You!

Once you step out on faith, you can't go back. Like Peter, once you see Jesus on the water and get out of your boat to walk to Him, there is no going back. Your merely standing on the water is a miracle. You stay up by faith and your path ahead is by faith. In the natural and by natural means it will not work and you will sink. But if you accept His calling you across the waters, if you step on that path and let your bridges burn behind you, trusting only in faith in Him, then you'll find your greatest joy there in the walk of faith, resting in Him.

Thank You, Lord!


Some time later as I worshiped while falling asleep one night, words formed in my spirit and a song came out of them:
"You're My All"

Jesus, You are my Savior
You're my light, You're my life
You're my all
Jesus, You are my future
I have no other way but You

You're my past
You're my now
My forever is all You
You're my God
You're my blessing
And my reward is all You
I am Yours, You are mine

Jesus, my rest forever
My best friend beyond the end
You're my all

Wow, I just happened to look at this picture, "Leaving My Building", and noticed a comment a friend left on it which really pertains to this picture. I love the Elisha example it mentions, too. How true, Lord! Thank You!

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