Thursday, July 24, 2008



By Ramone - July 24, 2008
Homebase... it's that connection with You;
it's what needs to be my home,
my starting point & goal.
Relationship with You is the goal.

- July 27, 2007
Almost exactly a year ago as I was going to bed one night, I saw or felt this picture. Perhaps I had been thinking of something else, some discussion or difficult point or something. But I realized I needed to come back to You, Lord, and this is how I saw it. You suddenly brought me "home" to You. Back to base. Thanks. My connection with You is everything, the beginning and end of my everything. You are my everything! Thank You, Jesus.

I thought I was going to close down a kind of diary blog I had used to write to God some years ago and hadn't kept up with, but as I started to type He brought me into His presence. Like He did that night when I saw this picture. Thank You again, God.

Your vision was mine. This is why we were called Homebase. God showed me that we all must start with Home base and return to Home base. We can change teams, places in the team, but we can NEVER forget to come to Home base until we go HOME for good. Thank you for this picture!!

My life has been very difficult lately!! I long for all of you and Homebase. It tore my heart to shreds when I had to leave it, and you reminded me it is still here, We are still here. Please pray for me! I love you!


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