Sunday, August 10, 2008


Nothing is Impossible!

By Ramone - August 7, 2008
"Nothing is impossible with God."

- Luke 1:37 (said by Gabriel the angel to Mary the virgin)
This came the other morning as Yoko and I were praying for a friend of ours who doesn't know God and His love yet. Our friend is very lonely and sad at times, but in many ways can be difficult to talk to or to be open enough to listen to things that would help. We talked of the difficulties, the things that seemed "impossible". And I got this picture of us giving Him the "impossibilities" (the Japanese characters, "muri", mean "impossible").

So we give Him our friend. Breakthrough, help and healing can only come in His way.

The water in His hands is something I saw as I took a nap later in the dayI didn't understand it until now as I began to write this.

Often "water" is used in the New Testament as a symbol of His "word" -- as in Ephesians 5, He washes us with the water of His word. (Indeed, I love being washed by His words!)

As I began to write, I remembered that the literal translation of Luke 1:37 is,
"For not one word [rhema] with God will be impossible."
Thank You, Lord! I believe You're showing me that as we put the seeming 'impossibilites' in Your hands, we are putting everything in faith in Your hands, resting on Your word, and through this You are reminding me of words You've spoken to my heart about our friend. Thank You, Lord! Thank You that not one of Your words is impossible! Thank You!

We put our friend in Your hands, Lord, to love, heal, lift up and bless. Only You know the way. And nothing is impossible for You. Thank You for loving, lifting up and moving in the life of our friend. Continue, love, and break through according to Your will, Your way, and Your love. In Jesus' name, amen.


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