Sunday, July 27, 2008


Adoration (Thank You!)

By Ramone - July 27, 2008

This picture came last night as I was putting my one-year-old son to bed. He loves music, so we always have some music going to help him go to sleep. This night it was worship music, and as I lay next to him while he rolled around, I worshiped.

Thank You, Lord. I was taken by surprise by just resting in You and worshiping there. Thank You for that precious time. And thank You for this picture.

It's very simple. It's us today, His bride, breaking our alabaster jars and boxes and pouring out the perfume of our love and adoration and thanks to Him -- and it is a sweet smell to Him.

Thank You, Jesus.

A thought that strikes me now as I look at this is how she is (we are) "under His feet". We know that all things are going to be put under Jesus' feet in the end, and spiritually and by faith they already are all under His feet. But this speaks of things that do not want to be under His feet. In other words, this speaks of every foe and rebellion being forced to bow and submit to the great and righteous Lover of our souls, Jesus Christ.

In contrast to being "put under His feet", we see the Bride --like Mary anointing Him with perfume-- loving Him and embracing His feet, choosing to be at His feet, to sit at His feet, to learn at His feet, to kiss His feet.

These are the two ways -- we can be "put" under His feet in the end, or in humility, love, thankfulness and adoration, we can be at His feet now, the feet of love, of the Lover who sits on the throne of mercy, the One who bore our sins and whose feet were pierced with our sins and the weight of our sins. Here we can bow at His feet and find grace.

Thank You, Jesus!

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