Friday, November 23, 2007


A Prophetic Relationship

"A Prophetic Relationship"

By Ramone - November 15, 2007

God is calling each of us into a prophetic relationship with Him and with one another!

He wants our relationship with Him to take on a prophetic dimension, to come alive!

- communication!!!
- a prophetic expectancy
- not normal! (and nothing is ever normal again!)
- living, alive
- supernatural
- with the living God! (who knows all & the future!)

"Prophetic" implies speaking to, speaking with, i.e., communication! Sharing one's heart with. Him sharing His heart with us, us with Him, us with each other, and each other with Him.

Not that we'll each be "prophets" (though I can't say it's impossible, ha!), but rather that we'll each know individually & together that we serve a prophetic God and He is prophetic in us & wants to be in our lives & among us!


See also: "Called Out" (at Heart For Adventists)


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