Sunday, November 25, 2007


He's Calling Us Out!

By Ramone - November 24, 2007

The invitation to paint during worship at Jesus Family Center remains open, and again I was blessed during worship and felt His heart and set down to paint it. This one took a little longer and is perhaps more skillful than the previous three. I must confess that this kind of watercoloring is new to me and I feel horribly inadequate in shapes, colors, methods, and making it look good. Haha. But the Lord is the Adequate One! And if His heart comes through, then praise God!

As we worshiped, we sang the Vineyard song, "Let Your Glory Fall" in Japanese, and I started to feel this big red arrow going out of the doors of the church (all churches), God's heart calling us outside to the people outside and far away. He's calling us out! Out to them!

As I worshiped I was holding my son who began to fall asleep in my arms, and if you have a son or daughter you know how wonderful and sweet that is, how your heart swells with love as they rest on you. I realized that He is calling us out to hold them that way -- to love and hold the people of the world.

Then we began to sing Hillsong's "Worthy is the Lamb" and thanking the Lord for His love, for His Son who poured out His life for us and gave us His body and blood (we took communion that night, too). As our hearts melted in tears because of His sacrifice, I realized another thing...

He is calling us out -- this is what His Son died for. Jesus died for the world. He died so that we could go out to them and share His love with them and let them know what He has done for them. He died so that we would leave our church buildings and that they would receive His love from us.

The sun is setting because the hour is late; night is coming and dark clouds, the harvest is almost over. It is time to go outside.

Lord, I don't know how to pray, how to react to this. Please put Your heart in us so strongly until we can no longer stay inside, but that our hearts will break if we don't go out. This is why You gave Your Son's heart, why His heart was broken for us, for all of us. Thank You, Lord. Show us how to go, where, and in Your timing. In Jesus' name, amen.


(The picture is so small--and thumbnail so bad!--because I haven't properly photographed it yet... the picture is still at the church. (^_^)


UPDATE: See this post: A Cloud Over Japan?

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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