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By Ramone - November 10, 2007

The week following Jesus Family Center's art show weekend, I wistfully mused that it would be nice if they could leave the art materials out every week so that anyone who received a picture from the Spirit or wanted to draw one could. And they did! So on the night of the 10th during worship this picture came. I believe we were singing "Shout to the Lord" (in Japanese, of course).

I saw the colors like this and felt like we were giving birth to nations here in our prayers and our praises. As I began to draw it I didn't realize what it was, but then it became clear... a womb! God is calling His people to volunteer themselves to Him as spiritual wombs through which He uses His Spirit and our prayers to give birth to His purposes in the earth -- salvation in people who don't yet know Him.

Yes, Lord, here we are! Give birth to them through our intercession and Your Spirit!


(The picture is so small--and thumbnail so bad!--because I haven't properly photographed it yet... the picture is still at the church. (^_^)


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