Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 20

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Still Water Fellowship of the Heart Jiyuu! Resting on the Rock

Fall Into His Arms Fall Upon the Cross Daddy's Little Girl! The Thorns

Going Deeper! The Empty Chair Free in His Ocean! Fellowship of the Spirit

Gallery notes:

January - February 2008

It's kind of strange yet wonderful to see this gallery. I don't know how all these pictures came, and they're not all amazing, but God has been with us and as I look at them I can see things He's spoken to me, shown me, moved me on, and most blessed of all is the intercession He's given me and others that led to several of the paintings. I can see the fruit of the Spirit in some of these, and they represent a promise of what is coming from Him who is faithful and through us who are His wombs on earth, through our prayers giving birth to the purposes and desires of His heart.

Thank You, God. So be it in Jesus' name!


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