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Fall Into His Arms

"Fall Into His Arms"

By Ramone - January 25, 2008

Part 2 of 3 in the "Believe On Jesus" Series
Believe on Jesus
Fall into His arms
In His loving embrace
Find safety from all harm
Give Him all of yourself
Your junk, your flaws, your sin
Trust in His hold on you
And not your grip on Him
This is the second picture (of three) that came one day when I was meditating on the book of James. I remembered that older English expression of believing in Jesus which says, "Believe on Jesus." I thought of it in the context of James -- about believing God enough to actually trust in God with your whole life, including your actions. It made sense! Believe "on" Jesus -- cast your whole life on Him! This was the second of three pictures that quickly came and illustrated it, helping me understand visually what it means to believe "on" Jesus!

Believing on Jesus is like being a child and falling into your Father's arms. You cast yourself on Him, you just jump into His arms and feel His embrace. Hug! You rest there and that's your world---that's all you know. Remember how big and strong Daddy's arms are? When we're little, our earthly fathers' hands just seem so BIG and STRONG! And our heavenly Daddy's hands are much stronger! It is those hands that save us. "Faith" means jumping into them and trusting them like a child.


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