Sunday, January 27, 2008


Picking Up the Pieces (断片を集める)

"Picking Up the Pieces"

By Ramone - January 12, 2008

Our hearts get broken in life, and God wants to heal them. We all have broken places inside... hurts, old wounds, fears, feelings of inadequacy and more. We try to forget these things, "be strong" and move on. Naturally we don't want to see these unhealed places inside of us anymore, but God knows that in order for us to be happy, our hearts must be healed and restored. That means that we will have to admit and face our broken places, but we don't have to face them alone anymore! Because God is with us, and He wants us to know our brokenness so that we can behold His loving healing! He knows exactly how to put our broken hearts back together and make them new! As we surrender our broken hearts and each one of our broken hurts to Him, He will take each one and bring healing. Give Him the shattered pieces of your broken hearts, and let Him put them back together. He loves you! The reason He came was to heal your heart!




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