Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Going Deeper

By Ramone - February 9, 2008
Your love is an ocean
Its depth beyond knowing
Your call to me is
Come in, come deep
I want to go deep, Lord
I want to go deep
In Your ocean of love, Lord
In the ocean of You
So take me now deeper
I pray, in Your heart
To know the fullness of
Your love in Your Son
Oh take me now deeper
Deeper in Your heart
In the depths of Your love, Lord
In the depths of Your Son

Timo wants to go deeper into Your love, too!

Ramone, I love the way Timothy has his hand on the edge of your drawing! It's like he wants to dive in that Ocean of God's love, too! He hasn't learned yet to be afraid of going into the deep water with God... A little child shall lead them...

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