Friday, February 01, 2008


Rest On the Rock

"Rest On the Rock"

By Ramone - January 25, 2008

Part 2 of 3 in the "Believe On Jesus" Series
Believe on Jesus
Rest upon the Rock
His strength overcomes weakness
In Him put all your stock
Rest your whole life on Him
He's the Rock, not you
Know peace complete, secure
His faithfulness is true
This is the last picture (of three) that came one day when I was meditating on the book of James. I remembered that older English expression of believing in Jesus which says, "Believe on Jesus." I thought of it in the context of James -- about believing God enough to actually trust in God with your whole life, including your actions. It made sense! Believe "on" Jesus -- cast your whole life on Him! This was the last of three pictures that quickly came and illustrated it, helping me understand visually what it means to believe "on" Jesus!

This picture, actually, was something I first doodled in a sketch book on "Sabbath-rest" notes probably back in 2002 sometime. It summed up what "Sabbath-rest" felt like (Sabbath-rest is the wonderful rest and peace that comes to us in Jesus because of His finished work for us). It's like resting on a big rock in the ocean, safe from all the waves. Bathing in the sun. Feeling it's solid power and security. Jesus is our Rock! Rest on Him.


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