Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Free in the Ocean

By Ramone - February 10, 2008

This picture came from His heart a day after my friend & spiritual-mom Hazel and I were praying for Christians who have been living in a "fish tank" (see this picture of a vision she received and its interpretation). This is God's heart for us -- free in His ocean of love, at rest in Him, surrounded by Him, encompassed by His presence and Spirit. Free, and at rest! In His control alone, and joyful because of it.

Free at last! Thank
God, we're free at last! This is where the two childen landed who were thrown off the "mountain" in my dream: http://sound-the-trumpet.blogspot.com/2008/01/adventisms-package.html. (how do you make this link smaller with just one word)? It is where God wants all of us to "land"...in His Ocean of Love!

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