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The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

By Ramone - February 9, 2008

This picture came one night as I was praying about a friend's dream. The Lord showed some people we know---friends---who are on His heart because they are afraid of His Spirit. I sketched this picture just before the one above, but for now will leave the one above by itself as we continue to intercede by His Spirit according to His timing. Hazel's comment ("anonymous") below speaks His heart about this.

This version below is the "full room" version of the picture. I believe I sketched this picture first, which really shows what the room is "full of" and what is keeping the Holy Spirit out:

The Empty Chair ('Full Room' Version)

In blessed contrast to these pictures, the follow-up picture shows God's heart for us all and for our friends we're praying for: Fellowship of the Spirit


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Ramone, I found myself weeping when I saw this empty chair... I don't know why right now because I have yet to ask Him... Oh, now I see that the door to the room is locked with a chain... Oh now I get it... The room represents our locked heart! He will open the locked door of our hearts just like He supernaturally opened the locked door of that restaurant for me 12 years ago! He wants to sit on that chair! I can hardly write for weeping... He wants to sit on the throne of our hearts and dwell with us forever... When will we open the door and welcome Him in? Now Lord, come and dwell with us! Remove the chains that have bound us into thinking that we need to protect ourselves from your agape love. Deliver and free us Lord so that never again will we lock the door of our hearts to You!
The same day that I inked this picture, Hazel put up a word God gave her so many years ago --

"Opening Locked Doors!"

...her comment here (above) is right on God's heart in this intercession! It's not a coincidence that I inked this picture and she felt impressed to put up that word on the same day! No coincidence, but a God incident!

The message of that word, "Opening Locked Doors", also speaks of why God gave me this picture and my friend her dream and how we are to intercede for those on His heart.
Wow! God is soooooooooooooo amazing in His timing, isn't He? That really blesses me to know that this was all His doing... He prepares in advance the "work" He wants us to do. Our job is to obey the leading of His Spirit so others can be drawn to His heart for them...

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