Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 21

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'Poka-Poka' The Potato! Leaving My Building... (#1) Leaving My Building... (#2)

The Heart of the Matter Glorified The Heart of the Matter (Part 2) The Dew

Eternity Night Wind Out of the Shadows Son-rise!

Gallery notes:

February - March 2008

A new gallery has begun, continuing the intercession begun in the last... Lord, be with us and all those on Your heart!

I haven't written up a lot of the stories, and will have to wait on God's timing (and having enough time to write!). But there's been a wonderful theological upheaval in half these pictures. When I write it, I'll link it here and to each picture. It's joy is seen in the "Eternity" picture, which is my favorite recently. God is awesome!

(Incidentally, all of these pictures are on one type of pad! A little "sketch book" by the Maruman company, probably like a 5x7 photograph size or a little larger. The paper is better than the Muji postcard-pad I'd been using, and since it's a little larger, it doesn't feel too "mini" small, although it's still smaller than I wish I could do. But hey, portability is wonderful...!)


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