Friday, February 22, 2008


The Dew

By Ramone - February 22, 2008
"I will be as the dew to you, Israel;
you shall blossom as the lily."

- Hosea 14:5, adapted
I did this picture after He blessed me with this word one night. You know when you wake up you're often groggy or half-awake and not altogether "with it"... and I'd been getting bad temptation in my mind at that time. Still do, sometimes. But He brought me this verse one night before I went to sleep. Dew! It comes in the morning! You don't know how or from where, but it's there and it covers everything!

So too with Him, with His Spirit, His Word and His presence -- He is there with me, covering me, covering everything! Somehow knowing this and being reminded of this ... makes a difference. He makes a difference. Thank You God for being "dew" to me every morning! Help me to rest and know You are there, and not just get up & walking to wherever I've got to go!


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