Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 28

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Is this right? My cross. Tigers! Leaving Egypt Behind

My Forever Kid's heart Martyrs (Rev.12:11) Jesus Family Communion

Come, Lord! Daddy's Little Girl "On your ruins... I will rebuild you" Before my King

Gallery notes:

September - October 2008

I'm once again at a loss as to how to summarize this gallery. There seem to be a lot of new colors, or deeper themes, or more white background with up-front foreground action getting thinner or more focused. Whatever the case, God is deep and wonderful. He's calling us to share in His sufferings. It's not always going to look "prosperous" or "healthy" to us, but His cross looked like defeat and yet was victory. God is awesome beyond what we think "awesome" means! His definition of awesome is better than ours! Teach us Your ways, God!


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