Monday, September 22, 2008


Kid's Heart

By Ramone & Timothy - September 17, 2008

I broke open some new kids' ink colors for my son Timothy to play with, and we scribbled on a few pads. I did the "heart" in this one and he added stuff to it too, but I can't tell you which is which! Hehe.

No "deep" meaning or prophetic message to this one. But then again, it is after all what He's called us to, right? Having the pure heart of a child? And such a heart is soooo colorful! Thank You, Lord!

It's fun to do this kind of thing. Especially with your son. I can't wait to do this more as He gets older.

The deep prophetic meaning may be in your faithfulness to impart your gifts to the next generation thru your son. Elizabeth showed us that it is never too early for that.

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