Monday, September 01, 2008


Hesed (Abraham & Isaac)

By Ramone - September 1, 2008

I felt the Spirit moving in me with an ancient-sounding song, and I pulled out a song that I'd written awhile ago (I got it from Him really) and worshiped in His presence. As I did so, I began to want to picture it. There is so much in that word, "hesed", and the song describes some of the depth of its many Hebrew meanings:
Hesed — lovingkindness,
Faithfulness, enduring love
Hesed sought me out
Hesed, my rest

Hesed — steadfast love,
Undeserved mercy, unfailing devotion
Hesed bound Himself to me

Covenant ever-new, made in eternity-past
Your pledge, my God, Your hesed is my rest

Hesed will never leave me
Never forget me, nor let me go
Hesed is my home
Hesed, my rest
The picture I got was of Abraham and Isaac. I can't tell if they are going "up" the mountain before the sacrifice or "down" afterwards. But I was and am touched by Father's heart, His love, and His Son's love.

I think that just as He called Abraham to his journey, He is calling us into this "journey", a journey into hesed—into His heart of lovingkindness revealed to us in the cross and what it means. A journey into Father's broken heart and the love between Him and His Son. He's calling us to share in the eternal song of His hesed for the sake of the nations He loves so much that He gave His Son for...
How did God change Abraham's heart and make it apostolic? I believe it began when He asked Abraham to offer up his only son, the son of promise that he dearly loved, as a burnt offering. Even though Abraham didn't understand why God was requesting the sacrifice of his beloved son of promise, he trusted Him and obeyed.

We all know the rest of the story. God stopped Abraham from offering his son. Why? Because God didn't want Abraham's son—He wanted Abraham's heart. Through this experience God put into Abraham the heart of a Father who had lost His Son! Abraham could never have understood what the apostolic calling on his life was about unless God had put him through that test. As a result, I feel certain that Abraham began to find the deepest and most precious things in the heart of God. He began to lay aside his own problems and share God's problems.

What were God's problems? God wanted the nations to return to Him. I believe apostolic movements in these end times will not fulfill the plans God has for them unless the hearts of the people become apostolic. The apostolic call that God wants to place upon our lives is not about a great ministry, a large church, or having a famous name. No. The Lord is calling us so that we may come to know and share His heart for the nations.

- Hazel Holland, Receiving the Father's Heart

Wow, that's beautiful. I love the word hesed. Thanks for the inspiring poem.

God bless!

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