Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Remind Me

By Ramone - August 24, 2008
In my moments of weakness,
remind me of who I am.

Show me what is truly me,
and what is not me,
but is my enemy.

Remind me of my true heart;
and when my heart fails,
remind me that Your heart does not.

It's Your heart --not mine--
that is my rock, my strength.

Tell me in my doubts
how You are powerful.

And that I only need to choose
to resist in Your name,

And faith overcomes feeling,
spirit quiets soul,
and all is made clear;
I see who I am,
and who You are.
- Ramone Romero, Aug.15 '08

This picture came during a time of temptation. The poem came the week before, but since they were part of the same "season" I thought they went well together and expressed all I want to say and what I know He wants me to remember -- who He is, and who I am. Thank You, Lord!
A follow-up or second version of this picture came some months later: "Remind Me (2)"

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