Monday, April 25, 2005


Tatami Gallery - 29

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Wisdom (Kanji) Beyond Measure Monarch! (Sketch) Running in the Dark

Cafe Prayer (In His Hands!) Eternal Gaze What We've Allowed

Praying for America Gently Broken "My Cross" (2)

Gallery notes:

October 2008 (and earlier times)

Well, the first thing you'll notice is that the sizes have gone haywire! And the tatami has disappeared. The reason for this is that I've just done too many pictures recently (it's Nov.22 as I write this) and haven't had a chance to take photos of them on the tatami background. In part it's become more difficult because A) I've filled up my cellphone and don't have so much extra space, but moreso because B) now that winter is approaching, we've got less sunlight in our tatami room and I have a lot less 'window' of opportunity to take thumbnail pictures (particularly since the best sun comes out when my son has his naptime in the tatami room!). ANYHOW...!

The first three pictures of this gallery are from years past. I hadn't planned to put them up, but when I ran across them I felt that I should. The other pictures are all new. Some of them express beauty in His love, and others deal with crosses we sometimes don't want to face, but which He will bring us to in order to help us know more of His life. Bless you in Jesus!


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