Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Pictures Of Us!

Here are some pictures of us! Enjoy!

Yoko at work Ramone at work Yoko, Art, Bagel Ramo, Art, Kotatsu

1 - Yoko working on "Love Grows" (around May 5,'05)
2 - Ramone working on "Jujika kara" (May 29,'05)
3 - At a bagel cafe, Yoko working on a picture--But which one? (Aug.29,'06)
4 - Ramone trying to get started on "Reaching for God's Heart" (July 20,'06)

Okay, so she probably didn't want me to put these pictures up... haha BUT I couldn't resist, because she's so cute when she's working on these! See that smile? And that intense but cute concentration!

These are pictures of Yoko working on "Promise" - note her cute enjoying-it-thoroughly smile in the second picture! (Taken on January 14-15,'07)

Top left - Yoko's sister Michi taking pictures; Center - Yoko's mother Kayoko (accidentally too large); Right - Yoko's father Takayoshi taking the news in a reserved way (but we knew he was touched); Bottom left - Yoko explaining the names we're giving our son

This is a picture of Yoko & her family on New Year's Day 2008, when we told them the Japanese the name we were giving our son Timothy -- "Tsuyoshi" -- using a character from her father's name.

Nursing time is precious for both baby and mother (^-^) Look at that cute little arm!

These are sketches I made on May 20 & June 4 ('07) of Yoko nursing Timothy.

Timothy? Or my old roommate John?

And this is a pretty bad ink picture I did of Timothy, haha! (July 9,'07)

The two main panels of our art displayed for that weekend The two panels on the right have my art and a couple of Yoko's, too

These are pieces I put up at Jesus Family Center's "Art Weekend" from Nov.3-4, 2007.

Yes, I'm on top of things here! In Daddy's arms (^-^)

As you can see, Timothy was quite a charmer!

Uh, Daddy, you didn't have to draw this or put this online!

This is the second picture I did of Timothy, but maybe he didn't like it! (Nov.9,'07)

I wanna go deep, Daddy! Deep in You, in Your ocean of love, Daddy! Timo resting on his mommy, showing us how to rest in the Lord ... and how He looks at us with watery eyes of love!

I did this picture of wanting to go deep in the ocean of God's love, and it seems like Timo wants to go deep in God's love, too! (Feb.10,'08) He knows how to rest in Mommy's love, and somehow he knows how to rest in God's love, too. Seeing Him I am filled with love and my eyes get watery, just like God's! The second picture from March 18th ('08) is a picture of that.

"Papa, you left this on the floor!" Timo likes handing the art back to me, now! Year-old Timothy sees that it's all about Jesus! Timo trusting the Lord and pondering how his paths are in His hand (^-^)

Actually, when I photograph pictures I usually do so by laying them on the floor in the sunlight. If Timothy is around, he of course wants to see what I'm doing! And he wants to come and touch the pictures, which of course usually stops me from being able to take the pictures, haha. I have to find ways to do it quickly or when he's asleep or in another room. However, this time I let him "touch", and he started pointing to the cross! He knows what it's all about, hey! He wants to draw, too! He wants to draw close to You, Jesus!

I was filled with delight, an artist at His side, rejoicing in His whole world and in my family!

Yoko was writing something and Timo wanted to try... so it turned into his first "art", which alas I have not photographed. But I dare say he enjoyed it. Hehe. And suddenly I am melted in God's love as I realize that Timothy was partaking in His joy of creation! See this link to read some thoughts on this picture from March 22,'08.


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