Monday, November 14, 2005


Rain Down

By Ramone - sometime between the summers of 2004 & 2005

I began this one as kind of a variation on the "path" picture, which had been the first picture I really knew He gave. But the Japanese calligraphy pen I was using began to run out of ink, so I stopped (it was the same pen I used for the background of this picture, too). The idea didn't seem to be working anyhow and I can't remember what I was thinking.

Sometime later I came back to it and made it into rain. Rain definitely comes. We talk about the rain and mean the blessing of the Holy Spirit, because rain in the natural really nourishes the earth and brings forth life. But how does it feel really? Often when rain comes in life, it's not easy. We'd rather be indoors! Sure, it brings forth life, but we're rarely outside with open arms, and if we are people look at us strange.

But isn't that just like the way He really brings resurrection out of the deaths we experience in our lives? The Holy Spirit, the Rain, falls in situations that we don't always see as "blessings". In the hard times. In the cloudy times. The times when everything looks grey and all you've got is the path ahead of you. In the times when the "stars" (the opportunities and the promised "children" He said He would bring) can't be seen through the clouds and the downpour.

I was probably in one of those times when I finished this picture. I wrote the words to the song by Russell Fragar (of Hillsong Australia) called "Holy Spirit, Rain Down". When we ask Him to rain down, let's not think only of the great blessings & moves of the Spirit, but let's say, "Okay, Lord, I know You're coming & nourishing me even in the dark times, in the hard times, in the couldy times. Rain down, Lord, and carry me through. Help me welcome Your Spirit through everything in life, Jesus."

Ramone, i really like this picture. beautiful. =)
Hey Ramone, I don't know how many times I have felt like the main character in this drawing, sometimes plodding despondently, running and twirling, wondering if the tears..i mean rain..will stop. Thank you for posting the link to this on my site, I really appreciate it. ~ Crystal
(Here is a link to the post on Crystal's site... read what she wrote, it's beautiful.)

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