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By Ramone - February 18, 2006

One day I had a rough night & morning with what seemed like increasing temptation, and I went to lunch at this little 'tendon' place a couple blocks & underground from where I work. As I walked back to work, I decided to go overground and was struck by the beautiful sunlight shining down on me. It was like He was shining down on me in that light, and I remembered who I was...

"I know who I am in Your light."

I was listening to a CD and heard the words, "When I survey the wondrous cross..." and knew that His cross changed everything, and no matter how things felt bad last night or the next morning, everything is still changed because of the cross. His sun never stops shining on us. I know who I am in Your light, Lord, and I love walking in Your light. There's no place I'd rather be.

"Thank You for the cross,
Thank You for the cross,
Thank You for the cross, my Friend."

This picture was the beginning of a time of really bathing in His light and learning anew what "His light" means, and what His light is in my life. Over the next few days and weeks, more pictures and understanding came. As I begin to sort it out and write about them, I'll add comments below.


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