Sunday, November 25, 2007


His Hands (Laying on Love)

"His Hands (Laying on Love!)"

By Ramone - November 23, 2007

I felt this picture first on May 16, 2005. It's this warm feeling & blessing of being in prayer with brothers & sisters as they lay their hands on you or you lay your hands on them. In my old prayer group in California, we would pray for whoever needed or desired it, and that person would sit in the center and we would lay hands on him or her. You know, I can't remember how this started, but almost every time we prayed for someone, we laid hands on them. It was wonderful. I know some people are cautious about laying on of hands, but I don't think Paul was talking about regular prayer when he said that to Timothy (I think he was talking about commissioning elders). It's hard to describe the effect of this kind of prayer, but it is love, it is wonderful, and you know it is God's hands that are resting on you and loving you.


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