Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Forgotten (忘れられた)


By Ramone - June 26, 2009

Not long ago I was watching TV and came upon a show (some kind of drama) in which a group of homeless men were having a party together, singing songs in what would otherwise be depressing circumstances. The drama seemed to be about a man doing a video documentary, who had bought drinks and food for the homeless men so that they could have the party. As I watched, I was suddenly moved deep in my heart and spirit by the sight of the homeless men enjoying the meal and singing songs.

I began to see a picture of a man sleeping on the street, forgotten. As I looked at it, wondered and focused on the picture more in my spirit (and as I began to draw it), I knew that it was Jesus.
"I was hungry... I was thirsty... I was a stranger...
I needed clothes... I was sick... I was in prison..."
Have we forgotten You, Lord? Have we rejoiced in Your salvation, Your anointing, in prosperity, in song and feast, in health and wholeness, and left You outside?


See also: "Among Us" (at Weeping Jeremiahs)


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