Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Heart Healing

By Ramone - June 20, 2009

My healing is in Your hands!
In Your hands I can be healed!
In Your hands I find and receive my heart back!
And it's a new heart, a new heart from You!

You heal our hearts, restore our hearts, and give us our hearts back (from wounds and the enemy's stealings). But You give us a new heart, too! The heart we receive "back" is our heart as it was meant to be! It was meant to be made new! In Your hands we find rest, and can reach up, supported by You, and receive what You died to give us: we receive our hearts healed and made new, and we receive Your heart!


On June 20, '09, when I praying for something to put on the sign-up sheet for the first "Heart Healing Art Class", this picture came! (Thank You, Lord!) Like the "Jujika Kara" picture, this picture just seemed to be 'already there' somehow, like it existed before or was terribly obvious, and I didn't think of it at all. (Like it's not mine!)

Much later in the year (Nov.13), I suddenly realized that I had never asked God about the meaning of this picture! It seemed cozy, felt good, and felt obvious, so I just drew it. I thought it came from ME! And as I asked Him about it that night, He said NO, it came from HIM!! Thank You, God! (And so He explained it as I've shared above.)



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