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Heart Healing Art Class!

Heart Healing Art Class!

Heart Healing Art Class
Find God's heart and find your heart!

Class info クラスインフォ :
アートを使ってこれらの事を学びます 。

Learn how to use art:
- to know your heart
- to know God's heart
- to experience His peace and healing

月謝 (Monthly tuition)
入会費 1,000円(教材に使います)
One-time sign-up fee of 1000yen for materials, etc.
5,000円/月(4回) Monthly rate: 5000yen for 4 times a month
もしくは 1,500円/ 1クラス If one class at a time, 1500 yen

レッスン日時 Lesson time and day
毎週木曜日 6時30分~7時30分 (5週目はお休み)  
Every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm
(except 5th Thursdays, which will be off)

Location: Jesus Family Center

Tel: 06-6697-3502

Teacher Profile プロファイル: 
Ramone Romero ロメロ・ラモン

Ramone Romero studied art at university. God brought him out of depression and healed wounds in his heart. Since 2005 he has been drawing prophetic art to bless peoples' hearts and help them know God's heart, healing, and peace. (website)
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