Sunday, May 31, 2009


New Update!

I've changed (and improved!) this picture:

"You Are My Peace!"

You Are My Peace!

The other day I finally broke down and added color to Christ's hands. I had wanted things to be monochromatic originally, possibly because it highlighted the contrast between the "gesture" style on the left and the "contour" style on the right. But the effect had been kind of ghastly (see for yourself). As I was using the sketchbook for another painting, I passed this one and decided to just do it, just add the color and see what happened. And I'm glad I did! Much more human, much more warm, much more loving! That's my Savior!

As a final note, I'll add that this one is a pain to photograph because I used so much black ink! Grr.

wow what great and thoughtful pictures
Thanks for sharing them
wonderful pictures.yes.thanks for sharing.

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