Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hallelu Yah!

Hallelu Yah!

By Timo & Ramone - May 12, 2009

Timo did the background colors to this while we were at Starbucks, and I did the figure on top later on. I was probably drawing with something (having felt impressed on which colors to bring with me that day), and he wanted to draw, too. So I let him, and he made these swirls. When I turned it on its side and looked at it, it really looked like worship to me, golden swirls of it going round as you worship. Hey, He did say that our faith is more precious to Him than gold! (1st Peter 1) So what is our worship worth to Him? I know what my son is worth to me! Do you know how much you are worth to Him?

I thought of two names for the picture. Either "Hallelu Yah!" (which Timothy had just started saying recently) or "Yahweh!!!" (which is God's name, of course, and also who Bono cries out to in a U2 song that Timo and I both like). Both really express things. I let him choose, and he went back and forth, but finally settled on "Hallelu Yah!"


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