Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Ordering Art Prints

After praying about it --well, and first being told half a dozen times by other brothers & sisters in Christ-- I've decided to begin selling prints of pictures on this site. I'm new to this, so the "system" of this might hit a few kinks in the road here and there, but by His grace it will become more efficient!


If you would like a print, please email me at:
fulfilledinjesus (AT) yahoo (D0T) com

  • The painting's name

  • The painting's link

  • Your desired print size

  • Quantity

  • Your postal mailing address
  • POSTCARD - 102x152mm (4"x6") = 500yen

  • 2L SIZE - 127x178mm (5"x7") = 800yen

  • A4 SIZE - 210x297mm (81/4" x 1111/16") = 1000yen

  • 6S SIZE - 203x254mm (8"x10") = 1000yen

  • 6SW SIZE - 203x305mm (8"x12") = 1000yen

  • 4S SIZE - 254x305mm (10"x12") = 1500yen

  • 4SW SIZE - 254x381mm (10"x15") = 1500yen

  • SMALL POSTER - 305x457mm (12"x18") = 2000yen
  • These prices include shipping & handling fee. All prints are in matte finish (unless you ask for glossy). Prints will be left untrimmed and unframed so that you can display them as you like. Bulk discounts are available and prices are negotiable, so please feel free to ask!


  • Paypal - email me for my information

  • International Money Order - from the post office only, please.

    Note: Please do not send checks -- checks are not used in Japan and are very difficult to cash.

  • Comments:
    It's definitely a good idea in making the printings available!

    Wish you all success in His provision and guidance!
    yaaaaay Ramone! Get them blessed paintings out there! :)
    Great, brother! I want to order some for my little daughter. As soon as I find some time this week, I will look and see which ones to choose.
    How quickly can you get it shipped to Washington, DC?
    Hi Lynn, send me an email at the address above if you can! =)
    fulfilledinjesus (AT) yahoo (D0T) com

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