Monday, November 12, 2007



By Ramone - November 4 to 11, 2007

Ramone, I'm usually not too good at catching symbolism--especially in art!--but I think I got what you were trying to convey in the 2nd picture. Even before I'd scrolled down the see the 3rd, it hit me that if we have built our foundation on sand (anything besides Christ), we will slip through God's fingers, so to speak. Then I was so excited to scroll down and see the confirmation of that with the rock in God's hand in the next picture. If we are standing on the Rock that is Christ, we will rest securely in God's hand while the sand slips through His fingers into darkest eternity. Thank you for painting what your wife saw in vision, and of course, thank you first to the Spirit who shared that picture with her in the first place!

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