Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Your Presence

By Ramone - March 6, 2006

I was praying and thinking of a lot of difficult things. But as I stood there in His presence, I enjoyed the moment and thought of this picture. I ought to say received, though! It was just funny, this big "J" in the sky! The way I saw the "J" looked like oil pastel letters I'd drawn for work, but I usually don't like oil pastels because they're messy & smell funky. So I tried to use crayon, but it didn't produce the same visual texture that I'd "seen" when I received the picture, so I had to draw a new version and submitted to using oil pastels.

Why oil pastels? Well, maybe it's the symbolism of oil -- the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is His presence that truly changed everything for me on the balcony when I was trying to pray. It's what burst through all that blackness junk and in an instant relieved me of my weights. (And yes, the Holy Spirit is messy... He will mess up our little desire to keep everything neat).

Why red? Because Jesus' blood changed everything. And when He comes and His Spirit, His presence stops you, He really stops you! (Red, like a stop sign, haha!)

And hey, I've got to give God credit: I enjoy this picture's style & humor. He's a funny God, and He's got style. Thanks, God, thank You for stopping me with Your presence & changing everything with Your blood and Your Spirit.

Loved the thought and yes Jesus does make a big difference in all of our lives. Great Picture and thought. NML
Ramone, The "sight of God" picture just changed my whole night. I've been struggling with life and that picture just summed up what God is calling me to do.... REST in His love!!! thank you brother for painting that! it's beautiful and I really needed to see it. Your pictures ARE ministry. they bless me. thanks. Leila

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