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By Ramone - February 11, 2010

Awhile ago some friends began discussing the subject of "hell" and of course it went on as usual discussions of the subject go. I couldn't just discuss it, though. Something was aching inside me. I felt the Spirit moving inside. I had only an inkling of what He wanted to say, though, because the subject of "hell" is not something I have given much attention in my life.

It's something I wrote about on the story to these pictures: I grew up being taught something called "annihilationism", meaning that "everlasting" doesn't mean "lasting forever" but rather extinguished forever (burnt until there is no more). Tied to that was the belief in "soul sleep" that I had been raised to believe. When God showed me the truth about "soul sleep" (see "A Spirit of Life"), of course I knew that "annihilationism" was not God's truth either. But I didn't focus on it because... well, because it was something I couldn't grasp and eternal fire didn't seem merciful and loving. But I chose to trust God and I left it on the shelf, trusting His justice to Him.

When my friends began discussing or arguing about Hell, however, I decided it was time (at least in part) to take the subject down off the shelf and ask God to help me understand. What He did was to emphasize & re-inforce a few things for me:

1) He is love
2) He loves all of us even more than we can imagine
3) His words means what they say
4) We can trust Him that His justice is just
5) If we can't understand, trust that He is good
He gave me a series of three pictures to help me understand how He feels about Hell. This picture above is the first of the three. And, I think it is pretty self-explanatory.

However, (it is now May 23, 2011 as I write) today He brought me back to this and gave me a word about it:

"Everlasting is Everlasting" (at Heart For Adventists)


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