Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hear My Prayer

"Hear My Prayer"

By Ramone - February 7, 2010

"Hear my voice when I call, O Lord;
be merciful to me and answer me.
My heart says of You, “Seek His face!”
Your face, Lord, I will seek.
Do not hide Your face from me,
do not turn Your servant away in anger;
You have been my helper.
Do not reject me or forsake me,
O God my Savior."

- Psalm 27:7-9
He has heard, and He is already here with you. You may not be able to see or feel Him, but He is here. Pour out your soul and your heart to Him. He has not rejected you or hidden His face from you. Jesus was forsaken for you! Trust Him and pour out your soul to Him. In His timing, you will know that He is with you. It may be longer than you think you can bear, but trust that He is holding you even if you can't see or feel Him. He will bring you through.


See also: "Birth Pains" (at Weeping Jeremiahs)


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