Saturday, June 26, 2010


Receive My Loving Fire

By Ramone - January 23, 2010

One day while Timo was 2 years old, I was singing a worship song in the kitchen while here was there with me. I was joyful in Jesus and thought I could tell Timo that he could ask Jesus to come into his heart.

"Did you know you can ask Jesus to come into your heart?" I said.

After a short pause Timo replied, "But it'll be fire!"

I marveled because I hadn't told him about that at all. I told him not to worry because it's a good kind of fire. Later on I wondered how in the heck Jesus had told him that... did He say it? How would my two-year-old son get the idea quickly? I asked God about it and He told me that this is how He did it. He *showed* him. (^_^)

God is good, sooooo good!

Suddenly, I hear God telling me that there is *more* to this than just an amazing story! (>_<) I feel Him saying, "I'm willing to answer, I'm willing to give. Ask Me!"

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