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Presto Allegro - Dive In!

By Ramone - June 27, 2008

God gives us visions. He gives us love. He gives each of us a "ministry" to others, to give them love, to love them with His love. Sometimes He lets us know what's coming ahead of time. Sometimes He doesn't. But sometimes He does. He let me know about something several years ago, and recently I've felt it getting much closer. When I was trying to explain how things are speeding up to some friends, He said it to me this way:
"Presto Allegro."
I explained in the email that this meant "A quickening of the pace... Not a finishing, but a pace increase." Then it occured to me to actually look up what it meant.
"Presto" (lit., "ready") very quickly; very fast (168 - 200 bpm)

"Allegro" (lit., "joyful; lively and fast") cheerful or brisk; but commonly interpreted as lively, fast moderately fast; fast and bright or "march tempo" (120 - 168 bpm)

In sum, "presto and allegro both indicate a speedy execution (presto being faster), but allegro also connotes joy (from its original meaning in Italian)."
As I shared this with a friend via internet chat, I began to verbalize some conflicting feelings about that word... not wanting to think I was "ready ready" yet, not wanting to make it sound like "it" would start soon, etc. I began to downplay it.

Hah. And now I realize -- "presto allegro" isn't something you down play -- it's a musical term for playing faster! And joyfully!

No fear. That's the key. The orchestra starts playing, presto allegro, and you just gotta jump in and play with them, play along, and it zooms and you just go because it's started, there's no stopping it. Time to play; here we go!

A day later talking with a brother by phone about this, I realized I was doing it again.

Doing what again? Over a year ago Yoko and I were praying about whether or not to move to our current apartment, which is considerably bigger and somewhat more expensive than our previous ones. It looked like a God thing, but we weren't sure. I prayed and wasn't getting a clear answer. So I fasted for a day and Yoko, her sister and I got together for prayer after that. I began to realize that one reason I wasn't sure was because I kept saying, "I'm not sure how long we'll be here" or "I don't know what we'll be doing", etc. It was as if I felt obliged to speak about my/our future with an obligatory expression of uncertainty. It was as if I felt it was somehow wrong to speak about the future with certainty. So God let me know: No, son, I've told you what you're here for. Speaking about the future in uncertainty felt somehow safer, maybe, like not risking being wrong about what I'd heard from the Lord, or just in case it didn't happen, etc. So I repented about my unbelief and the words of doubt I had chosen to take refuge in, and the answer was obvious: take the new apartment.

I realized I was doing this same "safe, obligatory doubt" exercise with the presto allegro word. Afraid of things actually coming soon, I wanted to make it "safer". But another brother with a music M.A. emailed me and let me know:
Regarding movements, these tempo markings are most often seen in the final movement of a symphony, sonata, concerto or other multi-movement work. Just check the back of any CD of Mozart, Haydn or Beethoven symphonies, and you will find it is often true.
Yeah. I knew that. But a bit afraid, I didn't want to say that. So yes, the final movement of this stage is beginning. The increasing is because something is coming sooner. I don't know how soon. But things are coming faster because it's a presto allegro beginning.

As I spoke on the phone about just going along with the Lord, diving in and not being afraid, I saw this picture. It's me seeing His swiftly moving river below, and He's calling me to go deeper in Him, and it's going to move faster. I'm already in the river, but He's brought me to a leap here. I don't know what this may physically "look" like (if anything specific at all), but this is what's happening in my spirit, in my heart and in my soul, because of His love.

And as I submitted to His word one night, I began to realize this river is His river of love for them. It is so not about me! The whole fear and hesitancy suddenly seemed so distracting to me, centering things on me. But it's not about me. It's about Him, His heart and His passion for them--the people on His heart--His river of love for them. Thanks for re-centering me, Jesus! **diving into You**

Ok. I'm sorry to be so verbose. :) But, I have been thinking about this picture for the past several days.

This is really an inspiration to me and I imagine to anyone who would read it. It isn't just for you, Ramone. We are all called to move forward without "knowing". How often do we get a crystal clear picture of what tomorrow will look like? Even when He gives us clues, they are just clues with perhaps a vague outline. He wants us to search and seek and desire to know more because it's in the seeking hard after Him that we experience so much growth. ... and we learn to trust. It's in that that you have been able to say THIS. I am convinced that the more we dive into the "pool of faith", the deeper and richer the spiritual blessings. We might as well just let go and dive! I love it!


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