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In the Rain

"In the Rain..."

By Ramone - June 14, 2008

This is a picture that started to come when I was having two simultaneous discussions about controversial revivals. One was on an internet forum, and the other was with my spiritual mum Hazel (see her articles in May and June). In both places, there was discussion of certain revivals and how there are sometimes mixed spirits (the Holy Spirit is there, but other spirits--lying and deceiving ones--are there, too), mixed cries of true and false, and more that I can't quite spell out, Lord! As I prayed asking Him to help me see what He is saying here, He said it means,

"To seek My heart... in the rain."
I cried out again and again for lack of understanding as I made this picture. It seemed like the Rain (the good rain) was coming from His heart! But there is more rain than the good Rain. There is other rain here, too. The good rain is the Holy Spirit. The other rain is other spirits, deceiving and lying spirits, raining down that which does not grow the fruit He longs for, nor does it heal us the way He longs to heal us.

I wept in the Spirit, and I knew that the good Rain is also His grief at what's happening -- at what He gave (His Son) and at "what My children are running after, what they are drinking and opening their mouths wide to!"
"These are My people in the rain, crying out for Me, for My heart, My face. These are My people, My bride in there, in those places where more than one spirit is raining."
I knew His heart was there but didn't clearly see it in the vision. I saw the bottom of it. And I knew reflected on it in light is the cross. The cross is reflected in light on His heart. And His heart is broken apart, ripped apart by the cross. This heart (His heart) and the rain from His heart --including His grief-- "This is the anointing I want you to receive!" He says. (Zechariah 12:10)

As I began to sketch the picture (see sketch at this link), the first thing I noticed was that the clouds were hanging down. Usually clouds puff upwards. I didn't know such downward-puffing clouds existed until I visited the midwest where my mother grew up. There I was told that clouds which puff downwards are the kind that turn into tornadoes! So every time I see those kinds of clouds, well, there is a sense of fascination at their interesting sight, but more than that there is a sense of impending dread, a caution, and a desire to drive out of the state a little bit faster!

I believe this shows that we are in a time when the clouds of God's judgment are "hanging downwards", preparing for the whirlwinds (tornadoes) of His judgment. As we see outpourings of His Spirit and other spirits (often mixed in the same physical location), and as we hunger in the midst for His heart in all the confusion, we are seeing the signs He spoke of that the clouds are hanging downwards -- He spoke of the coming of lying spirits as a sign of His impending judgment and His impending return.
Lord, help us long for Your heart, Your broken heart, in the midst of confusing times of "rain"! I believe You are telling us not to always get caught up trying to figure out what is what, but rather to focus on seeking Your heart! I know I am not going to understand (on this side of eternity) which revivals were all You, which ones were all the enemy, which ones were mixed, and whatever "proportion" of You was there or the enemy was there. Instead You are calling me to seek Your heart!

So Lord, pour out Your heart on me, and on all Your people, in Jesus' name! Break our hearts with what breaks Your heart, Lord. Break our hearts with Your love for us! We rush to judgment and condemnation, Lord, but You are CRYING because You love us! Lord, let us not shoot arrows and words at one another without receiving Your heart for one another first! Help us understand that You are sending us Your broken heart before You send Your whirlwinds of judgment!
"And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication. They will look on Me, the One they have pierced, and they will mourn for Him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for Him as one grieves for a firstborn son. On that day the weeping in Jerusalem will be great... On that day a fountain will be opened to the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin and impurity."

- Zechariah 12:10-13:1
Fill us with Your love for Your Son, Father, as You promised and as He cried! (>_<)
"I have made You known to them,
and will continue to make You known
in order that the love You have
for Me may be in them
and that I Myself may be in them."

- John 17:26
Thank You for Your faithfulness to Your word, Lord. Thank You that You ARE doing this, that You ARE drawing us to You, that You ARE pouring out Your heart, even if it's not the loudest thing we hear either from the "revivals" or from the "critics" so often preaching "truth" but not from Your heart!

Oh Lord! The "mixed rain" is not only 'obvious' deceptions of false prophets or strange movements, no the "mixed rain" and the "mixed spirits" also represent the mixed spirits of judgment and preaching "truth" apart from Your heart and Your Spirit!

Lord, break us all at the foot of the cross, so that we see only You and seek only You, in Jesus' name! Father, it is in the cross that we see who You are reflected, that we see Your heart. Father, thank You for Your Son, thank You for the cross. Thank You for pouring out Him who is Your very heart. Pour our hearts out in love, Lord, for those whom You love so much that You poured out the life of Your Son to purchase them! And us! Break our hearts with Your love. Break our hearts with love for one another! In Jesus' name, thank You, Father, amen.

Posted the pic and the article on the link below. Thanks!
Ramone, thank you for this. I read this just minutes after a conversation with a person whose daughter seems to be involved in a body with "mixed spirits". The girl is vulnerable and young--and your discernment and insight put words to what I was thinking/feeling.
Thank you Roseline!
This picture also encourages me A LOT! You also introduced me a wonderful website, Art for Jesus :)

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