Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tumbling Humbling

By Ramone - July 14, 2007

This is the sketch for the larger picture, "Tumbling", which I did a day later. I was actually not going to do a larger version because I thought I couldn't -- the sketch captured it perfectly. But God enabled me to do it larger in a way that preserved it and gave it color! Thank You, God!

I was struck by the understanding that came with the story (see the larger picture for the story). It was deeply personal, and for two reasons I thought that I would not put it online. Firstly because it was only a sketch at that point, and secondly because it was so deeply personal! But this led to something deep and wonderful for me. I wrote:
The thought of putting the 'grass' pic online... it turns my guts inside out, kinda! But suddenly I begin to realize it's not just "an art site"... somehow I've thought of it that way! Gomennasai, Iesu. (I'm sorry, Jesus.)

It's Your site. It's Your heart. It's a ministry! Oh! How my "modesty" and lack of faith in it being "art" -- it blinded me to seeing Your ministry through it! Because of "quality" I still have been looking down on our art... OUR art! Isn't that what it is? Or Your art on my soul. Your Spirit writing (drawing) on my heart.

I wanted it to be "Art for Jesus" ...not for reaching others necessarily, but more worship, an act of worship to You. And it was & is... it comes out of time with You & me.

But help me see & accept what You're doing to bless others thru this, Lord! Because I see now that art "for Jesus" also will be art for others... just like You said when we love them, we're loving You. In being modest or embarassed or shamed by my quality, well, help me get over that, Lord, and see what You're doing. And thank You for it all. I love You, Lord. My Jesus! All for You! Your Agapetos.


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