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Divine Rendezvous

Divine Rendezvous

By Ramone - October 2, 2009

This was done at a cafe and after I finished I had some errands to run, but looking at her sadness in the picture made something in me pause. I had to ask God about it...

Originally I thought of this as the shadow of the cross, of what You've done. Is this the shadow of the cross? Yes. But what does that mean?! We find rest in what You've done. In Your shadow. Let Your shadow fall here, Lord!

She is sad... she is confused. She is frayed and broken, out of focus. The sky is the same. She needs to look up. Look up to see you, and find rest in Your shade.

This also reminds me of a story Philip Yancey told in his book What's So Amazing About Grace? about how after a powerful volcanic eruption destroyed part of a national park, they wondered if grass and plants would ever grow there again. The next spring, indeed, grass did grow there. And strangely enough the grass first began growing in the shapes of animals. They soon realized that where an animal had died, there the ground was more fertile and life was more able to take root and grow. In the same way, where Christ's death is received, where His blood falls, there roots can take hold for life to grow.

This picture is similar, a little. Where You have died, there is life, lie anew. Grass withers and flowers fade, but You are forever.


1. A meeting at a prearranged time and place. See synonyms at "Engagement".

2. A prearranged meeting place.
She has been through brokenness and confusion, through her own death she comes to this point, this divine appointment of seeing His death. She sees the shadow of the cross, of His death, and life growing there anew in its shadow. She doesn't realize it yet, but this is the turning point for her, this is the beginning of new life, of ashes becoming roses.


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