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Your New Life

Your New Life

By Ramone - September 28, 2009

One day I was worshiping with some dear friends who were trying to share about God with some new believers or interested friends. My dear friends were sharing about this and that blessing or thing which God could give you, or how He's promised to give you those things, and about His miraculous power, and how He'll get you work and stable living, and so on.

I sat there respectfully and quietly, but inside I was grieving. I wanted to explode. Or cry. Or plead or shout out:

That isn't what the Christian life is about! Your new life is Christ! Not a lot of things!
Everything you need and could ever want was given to you when He died for your sins on the Cross! Your life is in the Cross! Not in a lot of "things!"

Through the Cross we learn that we can do all things and survive all things, whether in plenty or in want, and we will have peace to carry us through. The Cross doesn't promise us a lot of stuff, but rather that Christ has overcome the world and every thing that will ever trouble us, and He has promised resurrection on the other side!

Yes, He will often provide ways out of difficulties for us, but not always. More than that He wants us to trust Him and rest in Him. And often He will call us to carry our own cross, which will be death to what we "want" but will be life to us!

My God! Where is that message today?


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