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As I was with Abraham

As I was with Abraham

By Ramone - March 30, 2009 I am with you and the ones you love.

This is a picture of Jesus with a friend and his family who have left their native land to find a new home in a new land. He's holding them and He is bringing them to a place of rest. I don't know where, but He knows where He is taking them, and He loves them more than I can imagine.

As I prayed for the family, the message I hear Him saying is: "As I was with Abraham, so I am with you and your family." He took Abraham from his homeland and told him to go somewhere else. Abraham lived there as a stranger, and lived in tents. But God took care of him and blessed him with His love and protection. Abraham walked with God and became "the friend of God". Abraham walked with God, following Him and trusting Him, and God shared His heart with Abraham.

So just like Abraham, God is with you and your family. He loves you and your family and is protecting you, even if you leave a place of security. He's calling you to walk with Him, trust Him and follow His ways, because He loves you and your family. And He wants to share His heart with you, too. He wants you to be His friend, and He wants to be your friend. So just receive His love, trust Him, follow Him and ask Him for more of Him. Ask to know His heart, and He will share.

(Some Bible chapters about this are Hebrews 11 and Psalm 84).


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