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By Ramone - April 20, 2008

A friend of mine called me and reminded me of something that I had shared with him awhile ago which he thought was really insightful and had been blessed by. As I thought about it later, the enemy started accusing me saying that "Oh, you have such great ideas, talk & theories, but nothing really, no real experience, meat, or proof or action or real living example." And I began to doubt, wondering if I have just been "sitting on" what God showed me or told me, and felt a little guilty about that.

But then God showed me this picture and I just had to laugh. And thank Him!

He said that He had given me many eggs to sit on, and that He will "hatch them" in His proper fullness of time. Thank You, Lord! Then He said,
"I've called you to give birth, but first you must brood. You must sit on what I've given you. Keep them warm in intercession and do not abandon them, and do not let anyone take them from you."

"And don't sit on every egg you come across, only the ones I give you."
Earlier in the day I had asked a different friend of mine to pray for something, and he wrote that he would pray for me and wait on the Spirit to know how to pray. He shared two things that he was reminded of and I was blessed. Of the second one, he said,
Second thing I am reminded of is a Hen. A mother hen just sits and wait for the eggs to hatch. It can be frustrating at times for her but she patiently waits for the eggs to hatch and for life to come forth. All she can do is just sit on the eggs until they hatch.
This in turn encouraged me to keep praying and waiting on the Lord. To brood and let Him brood through me by His Spirit.

At the beginning of Genesis, the Spirit of God is "brooding" (like a hen) over the earth, giving birth to creation. And Jesus spoke of His longing to gather the children of Jerusalem under His wing as a mother hen over her chicks.

Here, just in the same way, the Spirit of God is "brooding" over what He's called us to, giving birth to His purposes and His children in the Spirit. And He is calling us to join Him in that patient intercession, to be spiritual wombs through which His Spirit gives birth. It will take time, but He alone knows how long. Maybe short, maybe long. But don't give up!
May you be blessed
as you carry His heart
and intercede for the burden of His heart
that He has called you to brood over
so that He may give birth through you
by His life-giving Spirit,
in Jesus' name,
Lord, here we are! We'll sit on this 'egg' for You, Jesus!
Holy Spirit, brood, and brood through us!
In Jesus' name, amen.

Ramone, I too got a witness that what the enemy was telling you was a LIE. (** (check your email to understand what these stars mean)) a HUGE lie!! All that comes out of the enemy are lies, the father of lies, he is only able to lie and deceive.

I also feel like encouraging you that you ARE (**) hearing the voice/Spirit of God speaking His word and wisdom into you. It says that God no longer calls us servant but friend and a friend shares things with each other, especially good friends! You are God's friend and he TRUSTS (**) you enough to share what he has shared with you.

Also when we draw near to God He reveals his plan to us (**)... you are drawing near to God, near enough to hear him talking to you. DON'T STOP DRAWING NEAR to hear the amazing things He wants to reveal to you!!!

God doesn't do things on accident. If God wants to show/reveal himself through action/experience, so be it! through word, so be it. Through a book, so be it... through the whispering (**) in your ear, SO BE IT!!!

Ultimately it comes down to this: HE IS SPEAKING!!! TO YOU!!!!

"I speak! If there is anyone with ears to hear, let him hear!!" -Jesus
(I totally paraphrased that scripture! hahaha but it came to mind and I think it applies to you.)

I also think that God wants to say THANK YOU (*** strong) for listening Ramone. THANK YOU for choosing to stop and hear my words.

God is showing me the JOY (**) he has when you listen to him in obedience. It's like the joy you get when Timo is obedient to you.. there's this warm fuzzy as a parent and this pride (not arrogance... but... Godly, parental pride) that you're proud (**) of your child.

GOD looks upon you with that pride and is sooooo proud of you! (*)

God is showing me a picture of HIm (**) leaning in towards you as well and whispering in your ears the secrets of His heart. You are sitting there, eagerly listening, grinning and even LAUGHING with glee!!!

I see God pulling away after telling you and chuckling.. :P
Like you two are sharing a secret!!! HAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!! A personal secret between you two... an "inside joke" that makes you two laugh because you're best friends (***).

I think God wants you to know that you're best friends with Him and he shares with you like you're his best friend. (***).

Keep on talking to your best friend. keep on listening to your best friend.


:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Amazing, definately encouraging, your breeding story. Lord let us stay when You say stay and go when You say go! Greetings from Gepke a girl from Amsterdam praying for it's city centre for a long time. Friend of marion prophetic Would love to experience and see it all there, what the Lord is doing. Bless you and 'thank You Lord!!'
Awesome, what timing. I forwarded this link to my intercessory prayer group leader. We have been discovering similar parallels.
Im laughing, thinking, seeing, and agreeing.

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